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Use of Information Technology for Better Governance

Cashing in on the Narendra Modi Government's emphasis on the use of information technology for better governance, the Michigan-headquartered HTC Global Services company is providing its digital solutions to government departments and agencies. With a vision of 'Reaching out…through IT', Madhava Reddy, President and CEO of HTC Global Services, speaks to Bureaucracy Today about its various IT solutions and the significance of digitalization.

The Government is stressing the need for digitalization in India. Is digitalization really a key for the modernization of India?

Yes, digitalization is a key factor today. Government organizations worldwide have already shifted to digital consumer economy. The Indian Government has recognized the potential of IT for rapid and all-round national development in population knowledge (birth and death records), health management, economic and social conditions of the rural and urban masses, education, etc. Digitalization will help in providing better services to Indians by ensuring efficiency, reliability, and transparency. Also, this will ensure good governance, reduce the duplication of work and communication costs, increase transparency in the functioning of various government departments, and ensure faster service to citizens.

We would like to know more about HTC Global Services Government Solutions. How does it help the Government and its agencies?

We recognize that each Government agency has differing needs and that one solution does not fit all. Our solutions combine customizable products, pre-built and tested software components, and frameworks with certified and experienced IT professionals to deliver services unmatched in speed and cost. Our company provides cost-efficient software solutions to global government organizations and their agencies through decades of experienced thought leadership, advanced technologies, and services. We also provide solutions to leverage existing infrastructure investments and necessary upgrades to current systems. As part of Go Green Governance and eGovernance initiative, HTC Global Services enabled the Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (ELCOT) to become a paperless office. We have also implemented eBAP (Enterprise Business Application) as eGovernance solution for Tamil Nadu eGovernance Agency (TNeGA). ELCOT achieved operational efficiency through central repository and became a paperless office. ELCOT is now able to make approvals faster and communication has become transparent across all levels in the organization. Apart from ELCOT, we have successfully implemented eBAP in higher education and research institutes and Government and public sector organizations in India. HTC Global Services provides technology solutions that assist in better governance and citizen welfare. We have solutions to manage grants, documents, records, and various medical systems. We provide digitization services to government agencies to safeguard their vital records, historic / rare books and manuscripts.

What are the current market challenges for automotive and manufacturing sectors? How has HTC Global Services helped in combating those challenges?

The façade of automotive and manufacturing (A&M) is changing dramatically. In today's scenario, it is not just enough for automotive and manufacturing industries to be efficient. They need to adjust their business models and move from mere product selling to providing services and solutions to customers through IT and IT-enabled services and solutions. To support our customers in overcoming challenges, we provide innovative solutions and help them embrace new technologies such as big data and mobility to reduce cost, shorten product life cycles, and collaborate with partners, suppliers, and dealers to achieve operational excellence. Through our dedicated technology research and continuous improvement processes, we ensure that our solutions help customers to reshape their business processes, speed up their product development, improve serviceability and bring business improvements.

HTC Global Services is one of the market leaders in providing IT solutions. How did your company perform in the last financial year?

The performance of HTC Global Services during the last financial year in all geographies met our expectations. We added new customers across the globe in addition to repeat business from our existing accounts. All our major clients continued to grow. We also signed up contracts in emerging areas such as Data Management and Analytics, Big Data and Mobility.

What are your growth strategies for the present times?

HTC Global Services is financially and technologically strong and is well-positioned for the future. We have a talented team of industry and technology experts, including leaders for enterprise, corporate development, strategic planning, and marketing. We are gearing up for exponential growth in the coming years. We recently opened a state-of-the-art development centre in Chennai to house our 4,500 employees to support our ITO and BPO growth. We are investing in a highly talented workforce and a state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide unique value-add services to our clients. In addition to our workforce of 6,500 plus, HTC Global Services plans to recruit 10,000 employees globally in the next few years. With the emerging new phase of IT outsourcing where customer’s focus is more on competitive agility and business outcomes rather than on labour arbitrage, HTC Global Services has developed unique service offerings and frameworks for Data Management and Analytics, Big Data and Mobility.

How will your collaboration with CareTech Solutions help in the growth of the company?

The healthcare segment is growing exponentially and by this acquisition we have strengthened our Healthcare practice. CareTech Solutions is a dynamic technology company with outstanding traction in the Provider market. The company has a tremendous track record of customer satisfaction, management commitment to customer service, and employee culture and value system similar to HTC Global Services. In 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2014, CareTech Solutions was recognized for the "Best in KLAS Award for IT Outsourcing (Extensive)",and in 2012 and 2013 it was marked for "IT Partial Outsourcing Award" in the annual "Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services" report. This acquisition is an integral part of our strategy of exponential growth in our chosen areas of IT competencies. The addition of a successful company like CareTech Solutions, which provides focused IT services and solutions to the Healthcare industry, expands our footprints in the USA and allows us to strengthen and broaden our range of service offerings. This is an excellent opportunity to expand our services globally.

Which are the major ongoing projects undertaken by HTC Global Services?

We are executing several large-scale projects in the areas of Application Services, Data Management and Analytics, and ERP. We are heavily investing and building platforms in emerging technologies, particularly in Big Data and Analytics, Enterprise Mobile Solution Security, TeleMedicine, and Internet of Things. Our ready solutions platform will provide quick Go-To-Market and good ROI for customers.

Mr. Madhava Reddy
President & CEO
HTC Global Services