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SELF RENEWAL - The Key to Individual and Organizational Excellence

We are working in a fog descending environment. The visibility is only 10 feet and yet we are expected to go a 60 KM per hour. Added to this there is a communication revolution which has swamped the world with information. The speed scale and systemic nature of this transformation has disrupted all sectors with uncertainty and ambiguity.

This results in stress while one tries to manage information. Emotional undercurrents are present in almost every activity within the organization and they influence employee morale, productivity and customer loyalty. It has a profound impact upon the individual and organizational effectiveness.

Why Self renewal?

Every morning when we stand before the mirror, we know it will not change our complexion, height or physical features. Yet we stand before it. Why? It is only to make ourselves more presentable to the outside world. We devote time to our physical make up but not to our mental makeup. Hence we need Self Renewal.

The global scenario is charged with negativity on political, economic, social and human fronts. Above all the majority of us is more inclined to negativity. This osmosis is calling for a change in the attitude of the individuals. Hence Self Renewal.

Even nature is sending the messages for Self renewal. We know that during the autumn, trees shed their leaves and sprout new ones. This not only makes the trees look beautiful and but also gives them new life and energy.

We have to sharpen the saw, if the blade is not in proper condition, because if it is not sharpened at regular intervals it ends up taking more time to cut the wood. In order to function effectively we need to sharpen the saw on all four dimensions of our life like Physical, Social, Spiritual and Mental. We need to keep the body fit. We need to take care of our mental wellbeing by positive reinforcements, maintain healthy relationship on the social front and devote our time on the spiritual front like prayer and meditation.

The actionable first steps are given below: Be willing to change

If we will to change ourselves everything will change for us Keep an abundance mentality that enough is available to everyone and there is no need to fear and worry about the danger and failure

Nurture positive mentality

The law of attraction applies here. A positive mentality leads to positive actions while a negative mentality leads to negative actions. One should inculcate the habit of eliminating negative thoughts and reinforcing it with positive thoughts. What you think will attract with a multiplying effect. Try to be around other positive successful people. Listen to positive talks and read inspirational books

Start the day with a positive self-talk

Practice to a start the day with positive affirmations like:

Today I have a positive mental attitude. I have eliminated criticism and impatience from my life and replaced it with praise and tolerance

Today I have a big challenging goal that I am working towards. It is adding meaning and momentum to my life.

Today I am excellent at what I do. I believe it is through excellence that I will find myself.

Today I believe that people take priority over problems and they deserve my total respect and attention.

Take time for self-introspection.

Take time to reflect. It means looking back to study where you have been and what went right and what went wrong. This helps to take the path to learn, study and make course corrections if any. Self-introspection leads to fine tuning one’s emotional state. This influences one’s role, team building, communication style and leadership style. In the process one can identify and unlearn the underlying biases, irrational beliefs and prejudices and make a paradigm shift.

At the organizational level self-introspection and self-correction must be done in a disciplined and rigorous way. Organizations need to create as many opportunities as possible through workshops and training programs and develop people in emotional intelligence and making them move from angry to righteous rejections, arguments to discussions and ultimately from a negative mentality to a positive mental attitude.

Practice Meditation:

While Meditation leads one towards a higher spiritual state of being, it also has a direct bearing on certain fundamental human problems while playing various roles at individual and the organizational level. We have to realize and keep in mind that Success is on the other side of the scale. Let us learn the art of turning frustration into fascination through Self renewal with a determination that I CAN DO IT and I WILL DO IT.

M.C. Rangachary

GM-Human Performance

HTC Global Services India Private limited